Charlotte Vanden Eynde
is a Belgian dancer and choreographer.
In 1999, she graduated from P.A.R.T.S., the Brussels based school for contemporary dance headed by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. 
Since 1997, she has been creating highly personal choreographies and performances, focusing on the body with a strong sculptural and imaginative sensibility.
She collaborates regularly with other choreographers, theatre makers, film makers and musicians. 
As a movement coach she gives advice to other artists and conducts workshops focusing on authentic movement and the sculptural qualities of the body.

You can watch video's of her work here.


KASK festival: DI-VI-SI-BI-LI-TY / Sebastiaan Eggermont

DI-VI-SI-BI-LI-TY is the graduation work of Sebastiaan Eggermont (Master Drama KASK Ghent), a duet with Charlotte Vanden Eynde.
Sebastiaan is a visual artist and a theatre maker. In his 'sculptural dance performances' he tries to combine both. Is it possible to sculpt a body? Can a sculpture perform?
DI-VI-SI-BI-LI-TY is an intimate portret of two bodies trying to connect with each other. This aiming for a symbiosis puts their authenticity under pressure and makes them move across the borders of their own identity. 

18 and 19 June 2016 in CAMPO victoria, Ghent. MORE INFO

Listen to their interview (in Dutch) on Tumult.fm HERE.



Deceptive Bodies at SPRING Utrecht!

photo: Herman Sorgeloos

Deceptive Bodies was presented 21 and 22 May 2016 in Theater Kikker at the SPRING festival in Utrecht (NL). MORE INFO 

Deceptive Bodies is a collaboration between Charlotte Vanden Eynde and actress/visual artist Dolores Bouckaert made in 2014. Starting from a shared fascination with the body, Vanden Eynde and Bouckaert put on view the ambigeous play of representation and perception of the theatrical body. Therefor they explored the phenomenon hysteria. They closely observed and manipulated their own and each other's body, setting out in search of a common physical language related to both dance and the visual arts. By exposing themselves in an accumulation of physical transformations, a highly personal iconography is being (dis)played.

'What seems to be an innocent game, soon becomes a manipulative and sensual power duel.' *** De Standaard

24 and 25 November 2016 a new museum version of Deceptive Bodies will be presented at Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen (BE) in the exhibition Zot Geweld/Dwaze MaagdMORE INFO
In 2015, museum versions were made for Mu.ZEE in Oostende (BE) as part of the festival Theater Aan Zee, and for Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Deurle (BE).

All info on Deceptive Bodies on the website of Hiros.


Rerun solo's

photo: Herman Sorgeloos

Charlotte Vanden Eynde has been performing a 2016 version of her two solos I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story (2009) and Shapeless (2011) in a double bill.

21 and 22 January 2016 in Kaaitheaterstudio's, Brussels. MORE INFO
23 and 24 March 2016 in STUK, Leuven. MORE INFO
28 May 2016 in ccBerchem, Antwerp (only I'm Sorry It's (Not) A Story). MORE INFO

I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story is a pure and simple portret of a young woman (re)discovering herself. Vanden Eynde gives shape to her associative visual language in highly personal movement images. She performs on the balance between theatricality and abstraction, and experiments with meaning and emotion, but keeps the spectator guessing about what he is supposed to see. I'm Sorry It's (Not) A Story is a story that is not a story, yet nevertheless becomes one… for those who want it to be.

'A blond girl in a light blue dress, on heels. I've barely begun to watch her, when it happens: a hand moves over her body as if it has a mind of its own. And I realize that I’m glad she’s back. Little gestures and simple movements make for a surprisingly fascinating performance.' – Utopia Parkway.worldpress.com

In Shapeless Vanden Eynde is focusing on the purely physical, formal and dynamic aspects of movement. She explores the limits of abstraction, without excluding emotion. By confronting herself with the dance vocabulary that has shaped her body, she aims to find freedom and personal expression within the formality of dance. Her body is continuously shifting from one shape into another, looking for a state of 'shapelessness'. In this solo music and light are playing more than a supporting role.

'Utterly intriguing. A body that’s almost surprised at how a body can move, by what that body can do. It was great to see how all the elements of this performance neatly came together. For anyone who needed proof of the fact that Vanden Eynde is a clever and gifted artist.’ – Utopia Parkway.worldpress.com

'Jouant subtilement avec la musique et les lumières, on retrouve sa magie et le plaisir de voir du "Very Charlotte".’ – La Libre Belgique


Improvisation with bass player Nicolas Rombouts 24 July 2015 in Museum M

After their improvisation for KultuurKaffee in February, Nicolas Rombouts and Charlotte Vanden Eynde were improvising together again the 24th of July 2015 at 8 pm in Bar.Bizon, the cultural pop-up bar at the roof terrace of Museum M, Leuven (BE). 

MORE INFO / Facebook


Corps Partagé

Within the framework of the exhibition La chaleur de l'usure, Charlotte Vanden Eynde made the performance Corps Partagé for 15 students of the dance/art education ISAC (part of the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles). The performance took place at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 6 November 2014 in De Markten in Brussels.