Charlotte Vanden Eynde is a Belgian dancer, choreographer, actress and video artist.

In 1999, she graduated at P.A.R.T.S., the Brussels based school for contemporary dance headed by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Since 1997, she has been creating highly personal choreographies and performances, focusing on the body with a strong sculptural and imaginative sensibility.

Besides her work as a choreographer, she is working in theatre and film as a dancer and actress. 
Since 2004, she is also creating videos and video installations, always starting from the expressive possibilities of the body.


'Deceptive Bodies' / with Dolores Bouckaert

Premiere dates in Kaaistudio's (Brussels) 12, 13 and 14 March 2014.
Then shown in CAMPO (Ghent) 20 and 21 March, in KC BELGIE (Hasselt) 28 March and in CC Berchem 3 April 2014.


photo: Herman Sorgeloos

'Deceptive Bodies' is a collaboration between Charlotte Vanden Eynde and actress/visual artist Dolores Bouckaert.
Starting from a shared fascination with the body, they look closely at their own and at each other’s body and explore how the language of the body can be interpreted but also manipulated. How deceptive is the body as an expressive medium? What happens to us when we are on stage? What transformation takes place there?
A physical and visual performance, 'Deceptive Bodies' explores the ambiguous play of theater and the peculiar intentions and surprising possibilities of the theatrical body.


TAZ / 'Second Date' with Christian Mendoza the 10th of August

For Dansand! 2012, Charlotte Vanden Eynde and pianist Christian Mendoza created a unique improvisation on the beach of Ostend, in the framework of 'First Date'. It was a first artistic meeting between both artists, where dance and music engaged in dialogue as equal partners. They were inspired by the impact of the surroundings and asked themselves: ‘what kind of force is generated by a ‘living’ environment?’ and ‘how can the body relate itself to an area such as the beach and the sea?. 

They will perform this piece again at Theater aan Zee (Theatre by the Sea) on Saturday 10th of August at 21:15 (sunset). At the beach nearby KC Vrijstaat O. It's for free, everybody welcome!  MORE INFO

'The pair proved that improvisation is (can be) synonymous with mutual inspiration and a masterful play with the stimuli of the surroundings.' 

photo: Tine Declerck